All information based on 25 years Experience of the author as alternative practitioner. When used correctly, these measures have no side effects and are highly effective in protecting your immune system against invaders. 

Please follow the safety instructions carefully. The use of all described naturopathic remedies is based on many years of personal experience in dealing with patients. They do not replace advice from your doctor or alternative practitioner.

So you can find immediate help for mild and severe infections of various kinds. Tried and tested remedies from naturopathy.

In the 47-page e-book: „How to protect yourself from flu infections“ I explain in a quick and easy way how you can immediately activate your immune system to successfully resist pathogens.

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My name is Andreas Frenzel, I am a coach and mental trainer. I have been working as an alternative practitioner and mental coach in my practice since 1994. My work is based on the latest scientific, psychological and quantum physical findings and is constantly kept up to date. Read more.